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Everyone loves classic pool!  We have tables available for rent for you and a few friends, or if you desire we have enough equipment for you to host a whole tournament! Our professional-grade pool tables would make a great addition to any small party or large corporate event. 

All of our pool tables are delivered with a full rack of balls, triangle, chalk, and plenty of pool queues. 



If you own a pool table, you are going to need pool table accessories and supplies to maintain and care for it. That's why W.E. Billiards carries a wide variety of billiards accessories and covers for your pool table.

We have dozens of styles of pool table covers, pool ball racks and pool table brushes. If you are looking for pool table pockets, gulley boots, cushions and shims and other pool table parts, contact us today or stop into our showroom.

We also offer the option to trade in your existing pool table and apply the credit to your next table you purchase through us. Let one of our professionals provide you an appraisal today. 



The pool table consists of some sensitive parts so moving it can become quite a challenge. We know how to correctly disassemble it and assemble it back so there will be no risk of damage.​

We provide services for the pool table, and can handle any part replacement. If you want to change your table’s felt or color, you can use our services.



Pool table moves are a big challenge for many people. Understanding the structure and demands of large pieces of wood furniture is demanding. At Gatling Billiards we’ve worked hard to become experts in our craft. A pool table requires expertise to disassemble, properly crate and transport, and correctly reassemble. f you curious about the cost, message us on Facebook for a Free Quote.